Where We Be

So… my post last night left off in June with Lenny and I making the decision to stop trying to have a baby for a while and just enjoy life.  Bring on the next day

I receive an e-mail from Lenny while I’m at work and the subject is “interesting story”.  I open the e-mail to find “Wanna live with my parents for a while?” and a link.  Hmm… exactly what I was hoping he would send the night after such a serious discussion.  But I click on the link for kicks any hoo.  It was a link to a doctor’s office in New York that regularly performs mini IVF, the same procedure but with less medication and is less invasive than normal IVF.  At first I was furious with Lenny for not making it longer than 12 hours on our not-trying-for-a-while pact, but the more I read and researched, the more I realized that he may have stumbled upon something that might actually work for us.

Flash forward to July.  We’ve already flown to New York and met with the nurses and doctors (all of which we loved!).  I’ve put in my notice to leave College Mentors at the end of July, and they want to start working with us the first week of August.  We’ve had all of the pre-screening tests completed and the results sent to their office (we’ll call him Dr. Z) and we’ve been accepted as patients.  The pre-screening tests included screening for all STDs, HIV, and random things like chicken pox.  We also had genetic testing done, to determine that we were not carriers of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis.  A few other tests are done as well.  The second week in July, on a Thursday, I fly to New York on a Thursday morning to spend all day at the doc’s… I return again the last week in July for one day for another visit.

(One thing I did not mention: this is a MUCH less expensive option for us due to the circumstances therefore making the flights, etc. doable)

So, where are we now?  I started lupron injections in July, with the hopes of working towards an eventual round of IVF.  Lenny and I drove out to New York last Wednesday and I have had appointments just about every other day since then.  I’m now “living” with Lenny’s parents, Peggy and Len.  IVF, and infertility in general, is a lot of work!  Last Friday I had two procedures done (Hysteroscopy and a D&C), there are now more injections (of menopur), antibiotics, and lordy there are ridiculous hormones raging.  🙂  I won’t go into a lot more detail because I’m sure if you want to know, you’ll ask.  Just know we’re making progress, and I’m bound and determined to be the Carrie Bradshaw of married women.  Afterall, this is New York!


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