Our infertility journey update – a quick one!

It’s 7a.m. And I’m writing my blog entry from the airport.  I’m on my way back to the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”, and I can’t help but hope that song lyrics really can speak the truth.

Our last cycle was canceled because my body didn’t respond well to the drugs.  The bad news: we missed our only chance at a fresh transfer.  The good news: I got to go home!  I was home for almost two weeks, got to attend a close friend’s wedding (congrats again Emily and Jack!), was able to visit with my family for a day, went to Chicago with some of Lenny’s family for the holiday weekend, and made my tennis team’s first practice!  And the great news: I was allowed to stop ALL of the meds while I was home and we waited for the next cycle to begin.  While I was disappointed that our cycle, and our chances at a fresh transfer, were canceled, I was also elated and really enjoyed the “time off” (even though much of it was spent working).

Cycle number 2 started 12 days ago.  The doctor was gracious and was able to e-mail me the requisitions and orders for some of the blood work and monitoring so that it could be done in Indiana.  Finding a doctor that was willing to do the monitoring in Indiana though, since I’m not their patient, did turn out to be a challenge!  We finally found an amazing ultrasound tech who helped us out, and I was able to stay in Indiana for the first part of the cycle. But now it’s back to the grind!  As soon as I land I’ll head, via public transportation, to the city for a morning doctor’s appointment.  Then I’ll do my “usual” and find a whole in the wall (albeit amazing) restaurant for lunch, will head back to doc for afternoon appointment and then will take the subway to the train, and train to the station nearest home where Lenny’s mom will pick me up.

I think that tomorrow I am going to tell you about our embryos – our babies that were scientifically made possible, grown in petri dishes and now frozen.  When I first started blogging I didn’t think I wanted to disclose all of the details of this entire process; but since starting the blog, and working with ICFI, I have received so many questions, and opinions, and advice that I think it will be beneficial to talk about all of it, including the part that no one wants to talk about…


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