Have you ever heard the term “snowbabies”?  I had not, until we started going through IVF treatments and I really started scouring the many forums and online discussions for advice, tips, and any other information I could get my hands on.

Snowbaby is just a cute term used to refer to your embroyo(s) once it/they are frozen.  Quick summary: in any IVF cycle, a woman can produce between 1 and 20ish eggs (in extreme cases even more…).  They’re retrieved and fertilized with her husband/donor/other’s sperm (creating embryos) and then you wait to see how and if they grow.  Once they reach a certain state the doctor will implant one or two embryos (also dependent on the situation) back into the woman’s body where it hopefully attaches to the uterine lining and continues to grow.  If you have additional embryos, after that transfer happens, those embryos can be cryofrozen for your future use.  I hate to be so lacking in emotions when describing this process, there is obviously so much more that goes into it.  However, for time’s sake, that’s a decent enough summary.

Lenny and I currently have six snowbabies (frozen embryos), just waiting.  In our particular case, our “fresh” transfer was cancelled because of the way my body was responding to the drugs; the doctor did not believe that the transfer would work for multiple reasons, so he did not go through with the transfer.  We are now anxiously awaiting a frozen transfer… they will thaw one embryo at a time (fingers crossed that the embryo survives this process) in order to implant during my next cycle.  IF we were to get pregnant, with embryos still frozen, the doctor will hold on to these embryos for us, or ship them to a local doctor if we preferred, so that if and when we are ready to have another child, we have our snowbabies waiting for us.

This could launch into a very heated religious and ethical discussion about the entire process including our snowbabies and what other couples choose to do with their “left-over” embryos – but I do not want that to happen.  I just want you to know that Lenny and I see all six of our snowbabies as our babies and we agree that as long as we have embryos we will attempt to carry them full term.  There are many different views of what we’re currently doing and that is okay – to each their own.  I am sharing because I want others to understand this process.  I want you to know what we went through to become parents, so that as you or your friends or family members bring children into this world you are able to better appreciate the sweet gift that it is.  But also so that as you or your friends or family members struggle with the same or similar infertility issues that we have, you do not feel alone and you have a better understanding of the process.  It’s not scary, it’s life.  And it will all be worth it  🙂


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  1. Marive
    Feb 25, 2012 @ 20:49:40

    Thankyou for the info very helpful since my transfer on Thursday all I’ve been doing is resting and on the Internet looking for info. What’s normal what’s not, then just today I read snow baby’s and it freeked me out. First beta next Monday and just praying


  2. Katie holder
    Dec 10, 2012 @ 03:12:02

    I was working on a design for your pendant and was doing more research about the term snowbabies and came across your blog! It didn’t even occur to me that it was you until I read Lenny’s name and said…WAIT A MINUTE! I hope I can create something special that will mean a lot to you. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing.


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