And on Sunday, we rest

It has been a pretty crazy week.

I’m still in New York, and Lenny’s entire family came into town this weekend.  It was Poppy’s birthday (his grandfather) and Nan (his grandmother) is ill in the hospital, so it was a good time to get the family together.  Lenny flew in Saturday morning and left this evening (after the Giants game of course!); both of his sisters came in on Saturday and left today as well.

And my most recent doctor’s appointment was… interesting.  Last Monday, while still in Indiana, I started having some weird pains and knew something wasn’t quite right.  When I got to the doc I explained what had been going on and my suspicions were correct.  The doc found three cysts on my left ovary and one on my right…and now we just wait again.  Not sure what the next steps will be, but I am pretty sure that they’ll cancel this cycle and I’ll come back again next month.

Since Sunday is a day of rest – I’m going to take advantage  🙂  More tomorrow!


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