My new best friend

is a forum.

Lenny and I found a forum about a month ago that was started two years ago and is a discussion among women that are going through the exact same procedures, under the exact same circumstances, with this particular doctor’s office!  There are 351 pages of posts and I’ve read them all.  Today I mustered up the courage to create a name and make a post!  Seriously, you’d think that pressing submit wouldn’t be that hard considering I’m already laying it all out there in my blog but I was sweating like crazy!  Weird.

Regardless of my fears though, I would highly recommend that everyone find a forum to follow and contribute to that is relative to what your life circumstances are.  Looking for a job?  There’s a forum for that!  Want to lose weight?  There’s a forum for that.  Secretly addicted to Jersey Shore and America’s Next Top Model?  There’s a forum for that!  It’s like happy hour with your closest friends at any time of day.  And, you’re as anonymous as you want to be…


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