Weekend of crap – no more!

This weekend I pigged out, literally.  I don’t remember eating that much ever.  And it wasn’t good food – it was pasta, meats (which I just recently started eating again), wings, fried fish, french fries, candy (chocolate specifically) and tons of salt.  In my defense we were on the road and at a wedding, watched the Sunday game at a pub, and then had a cookout.  But that is no excuse!

I am now back on a “healthy kick”.  I think I’m going to do a detox diet, not the crazy all-juice ones or anything that’s actually not good for me.  I found one that you just eat all natural foods; you cut out refined sugars, most carbs, etc. and just eat natural foods like fish, rice, veggies, and fruit for 30 days.  I think that it could be great for my health and also for me to learn what other healthy foods I like.

We are going to be in Los Cabos in 3.5 weeks and Florida in 5 weeks… both times I’ll need to wear a bathing suit.  I figured there’s no better time than now to start eating much better and treating my body the way I want it to treat me!  🙂


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